Lustrum Committees


The Pre-Lustrum Committee organises the Pre-Lustrum Week and sets everything in motion for the Lustrum year.  You can reach us via [email protected], or simply approach us in person when our paths cross.


Chair – Nikki Grens

Secretary – Sie Leoi Lee

Treasurer – Joost Couwenberg

Commissioner of Pre-Lustrum Week  – Katinka Kok

Commissioner of Lustrum Year – Willemijn van Luik

Commissioner of Gadgets & CD – Jelle Kok

Commissioner of Promotion & Website – Silke Schreuder

Qualitate Qua – Wouter Offringa


In the new academic year the Lustrum Committee will take over all the lustrum organisational tasks from the Pre-Lustrum Committee. The Lustrum Committee will be in charge of the execution of the Lustrum year and oversees the lustrum events.