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Lustrum Photo Project

Be a part of history!

During the lustrum month, we originally planned various activities such as an opening stunt and the world record attempt. Our vision was to unite aerospace students, staff and the university as a whole, and the industry together. While we cannot do this anymore with physical events, we have come up with an alternative that hopefully comes close to reaching the same goal; an artpiece.

As is tradition, during a lustrum the VSV offers a keepsake to the faculty. When you walk around the Aerospace building, you might see them. In the past, there have been plaques and statues.

And this is how we came up with the faces of the VSV and the Aerospace faculty staff.The current situation, with social distancing, no physical meetings, and following education over the internet, it might seem a bit unpersonal. Seeing your friends, project team and teachers through Zoom or Skype is not the same as interacting in real life. It goes without doubt that this academic year is one for this history books. And this is why we aimed to include this personal side in our keepsake. We want to make sure that the people who are going through this, are remembered.

The idea is inspired by the typical Delft tiles. But instead of Delft blue, we of course have gone for Lustrum green. 

The concept is as follows: students and staff can upload photo’s of themselves. We will then place these photo’s on a Delft lustrum-green tile. We hope to have as many photo’s, from as much people as possible, to give a broad represenation of the VSV community.

In the end, we will combine all these tiles in a big collage to express our lustrum. We are still thinking about what the final collage should represent and in what form it will be offered to the faculty.           

In order to participate, all you have to do is upload a photo of yourself to our Dropbox.  You are also free to upload more photo’s of yourself. We will only use the submissions for this artpiece project (click here!).

What kind of collage? Something like this: